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Find freedom from unconscious patterns; using creativity and the depth of constellations to feel nurtured, enlivened and renewed…

JOYFLOW workshops combine the deep work of family constellations with creative artforms as a new way to release blocks and enliven your life!
Step back in time through Bloodline to Starshine. Return to flood your future and shine like the sun.
Funk or Flow, download a new type of ‘software’, choosing Joyflow over drama and stories.
Write to Love is a love letter from an ancestor to support your journey now.
Explore your Body as a Paint Brush, Plant your Purpose and Feed the Future with gratitude and generosity.
Singing up your Life with your core desire from your Bliss List.
Touch as Art – Dancing with Demons – Soundbite Constellations.

She also does one to one Family Constellations online for those who live abroad – for updates and news like her facebook page


For all time people have used art to process and communicate their deepest feelings. JOYFLOW is a new type of art therapy that has deep roots, that unwind patterns in family systems – restoring goodness. Using artistic passion as a springboard and resource to dive deep and reveal core truths – all beautifully held in love. From this new inspired space, you can now step out into life in all your colours. Joyaa performer and creative facilitator with over 25 years experience in music, song, dance and multimedia; training 10 yrs ago in constellations.

Constellations – whether that be Family, Organisational, Environmental or exploring any people system via constellation work to explore the sub conscious drivers. Within in personal work it unwind the tensions in these drivers and it’s like ‘cranio-sacral’ treatment for the family system.

Joyaa (or Victoria) initially started constellating with Sarasi Rogers nearly ten years ago and then went on to train with Dr. Ursula Franke-Bryson, Albrecht Mahr and organizational constellations with Jan Jacob Stam whos has work with the UN and other large organisations. All of these trained directly with the founder Bert Hillinger. Then within the UK she also trained 10 years ago with Vivian Broughton, Barbara Morgan and environmental constellations with Zita Cox.

“Joyaa brings deep wisdom, deep voice and loving holding to all that she does.’
Nora Doherty, Director of Workplace Mediation


“I really love this leader. Her warm personality and her willingness to share herself and her obvious wealth of experience in emotional healing, coupled with an aliveness and sense of fun, make it easy and fulfilling to be in her company. In a short space of time she took me on a journey of profound exploration of myself and my family relations and I was able to gain insights and feel love flow in ways that I have been able to draw upon ever since. Wonderful experience, thank you Joyaa!” Harriet – workshop participant and constellator

JF-TotnesFeedback from Workshops:

“It was fantastic and I learnt so much. It was hugely creative but invited you so that even the least creative person there opened to their creativity.” 

“Inspiring, creative, an opportunity to explore deeper issues with a range of perspectives. This workshop invites all levels of people and meets them where they are and invites them deeper. I cannot recommend it enough. I got a huge amount from it”

“Joyaa’s workshop took the basis of constellation work and threw it into a cocktail of diverse creative forms, making it not only an introspective journey into the self, but an enlivening explosion of making, moving and imagining. A truly refreshing creative adventure. Thank you!

” We drew pictures. We moved. We danced to music. We looked at our pictures and formed words. We turned words into song. We sung each others’ songs. We met our parents, our ancestors, everyone who has come before us. We looked beyond at who might come after us. We celebrated this journey of life, mapped it and sung it” 

“Laying beside my tree picture, feeling the bright, clear word at the centre of it, gave me Joy, pure and simple” 

“For me, the whole workshop was rich with authenticity. Joyaa’s authentic presence throughout the day was both an invitation and permission for the rest of us to open to true and honest sharing.”

” Joyaa has created some of the most immediately accessible, effective and exquisite exercises for ‘diving in deep’ that I have come across”

“During the brush exercise I softened into a rhythm of creating art and being created by art”

“The experience of singing the group-members’ Soul-Songs was one of the highlights of the day for me; I felt deeply touched by and intimately acquainted to each of the participants through their song”


JOYAA the facilitator spent over a decade running singing workshops with a twist throughout the UK between 1994 – 2005.
Singing up your life, Joy of Singing, Heartsong or Voicebody, either regular classes or festivals, all day and weekend workshops.
People would come up to her years later singing their special song, as it still ‘rocked’ for them.

Then her journey became more ‘one to one’ midwifing voices working as a producer in the Blue in Green Recording Studio on Dartmoor from 2000-07, co-producing 31 albums in this time. For her this was very satisfying after teaching big groups, being a change and more intimate, helping people to go deep into their creative process. In 2005 she became a mum and let all things go as they were and let them re-create themselves from a more feeling tone- more integrity, with some things never returning.


In 2009, she trained in systemic, organisation, environmental and family constellations unwinding the tension or blocks in the family system to restore the flow of love. This profound work completely transform her own life as well as making on huge impact on those she facilitated for.

This deep work is done either one to one or individually within a group, yet Joyaa was keen to make this profound invitation to a whole group, inspiring them to deep through many artistic forms, knowing the resource they hold.