Quest – UK’s best mix of Mind Body Spirit, Music & Dance

Seed’s role was to programme the event, develop brand, do the design and promo videos, co-develop to marketing strategy and delivery and deliver the event.

Quest Festival

The UK’s best mix of Mind Body Spirit, Music & Dance Festival

25th-28th July In the Heartland of the Westcountry,
10 miles from the Sea, Dartmoor & Totnes

168 Workshops
58 Free Workshops
52 Performers
101 Exhibitors

Great Food
Great People
Great Connections

Advance Discounts
Weekend and Day Passes
Over 36,000 attendees in 17yrs

Speakers include:
Rumi Master Coleman Barks USA • Peter Owen Jones • Karen Kingston • TIm Freke • Jason Chan • Jamie Catto • Barbara Meiklejohn Free • Sarah Rozenthuler  • Chloe Goodchild • Becky Walsh  • Christa Mackinnon • Joe Hoare  •  Ina D’Costa • David Goddard • Charlotte Gush • Theresa Sansome • Linda Ananda • Gailelaine • Treesisters’ Clare Dakin and many more

Sura Susso GAMBIA • Kuri  JAPAN  • Sika NZ  • Ben Mellor • Gavin Frank • Chris Paradox • Dr Martin Shaw • Carrie Tree  • Seize The Day  •  Sheelanagig  •  Matthew & Me •  Fitz • Ombiviolum Orkestra  •  Nemo Jones  • Rainbow Girls USA and much more. For more info go to