•  ideas with muscles
•  developing businesses
•  bringing products to market
•  responding creatively
•  listening with all of our senses
•  generating new ways of relating

At Seed Idea we are fully fledged members of IA (Ideas Anonymous) and we have managed to turn this clinical condition into a service. We have the skillsets to deliver our endless ideas so that these are ideas with muscles.

It may be that we will just brainstorm and innovate with you, or it may be that we will provide a range of services to realise these ideas. We have developed businesses, programmed events, facilitated arts projects and brought products to market, in each case finding unique and creative platforms and routes to market. We find that, if we listen to the client or engage with the product with all of our senses, often new and innovative outcomes reveal themselves.

We like to explore unique marketing opportunities. Whether networking at grass-roots level or targeting a distinctive audience, we are constantly generating new ways of relating.

Whatever the challenge, be it founding a new company, networking to find the right partners, or producing ‘pop ‘n’ punch’ strap-lines, our fountain of ideas and networks offer you the opportunity for a more expanded experience.

“Victoria is an exuberant co-creator, designer and facilitator who is helping us focus the dream of the project into the world. Victoria offers a dynamic empathy to the project via her company Seed – planting big ideas. Victoria has brought a wealth of creativity and inspiration to Nandita’s Dream. She designed the book cover and the album cover and is the focaliser for the website. The beautiful dream journey you see in the header throughout the site was one of her many inspirations. Her joyous expansion of Nandita’s Dream and wonderful design ideas are deeply appreciated. A musician and artist herself, she is able to bring great understanding to the multilayered nature of this project and has a gift for bringing the best people to it. We are so glad she said yes.”
Sarah Patterson, Author of Nandita’s Dream