Creative Development

Seed Idea has support hundreds of people to explore and flourish in their chosen creative path.
We provide a safe environment where you can explore your creativity and it’s potential.
Often working with women to explore new often vulnerable territory, and yet this is the most exciting area to work.

Seed Idea’s Owner, Victoria is a generous Polymath, initially training in acting, dance, vocal production and performance at Queensland University in 1986. Working professionally in Theatre for a number of years, it was here she discover her love of words and songwriting. This new passion lead onto a 20 year career in RocknRoll, touring nationally in Australia in a band that was half aboriginal with national airplay. In 1993, she came to UK for the first time touring the festival scene for many years with album releases.

Since 1993 she worked as vocal coach for public speakers, singer and even teachers.
In 2000 she worked as a studio producer, helping people bring their dreams into reality; co-producing over 31 albums, often with album artwork and video in next seven years, before being a festival producer of over 12 national UK events. Producing over 11 albums herself,  the latest being SHE Nation