Seed Idea is just magic and your one stop shop Ideas Factory to bring your projects to life! Innovation and Creation is our thing, we love big picture thinking, creative mapping, brainstorming, well more like heart storming!
Seed Idea, plants big ideas, so if you want to invest in a brighter future, feel the magic, transform your project and leap to the next level, just reach out!


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What people say...

"Victoria was a superb producer of the Tagore Festival featuring Deepak Chopra; she is hardworking, committed and dedicated to her work with a loving heart.  I was impressed with her creativity and resilience, it was a pleasure to work with her."
Satish Kumar, Artistic Director, Editor of Resurgence, Founder of Schumacher College

Making Magic!

"A committed and creative implementer, Victoria's energy and enthusiasm are boundless. Always approachable and down to earth, Victoria is adept at turning her hand to a wide variety of tasks and has a track record in delivering projects of all sizes."
Katrina Hurford, PR & Communications Officer, The Dartington Hall Trust

Great Networks

"Superb networker and organiser. Comes highly recommended. Terrific at finding sponsors, artists and attracting audiences."
David Dann, Owner, Dann Associates

Workshop Participant

“Inspiring, creative, an opportunity to explore deeper issues with a range of perspectives. This workshop invites all levels of people and meets them where they are and invites them deeper. I cannot recommend it enough. I got a huge amount from it”
Kirstie A

“Victoria’s work is life changing. She combines a unique gift for holding a space of clarity and focus with surrendering completely to the flow. Victoria keeps you somatically engaged and away from story, and this is where the magic happens. We got straight to the (very unexpected) root of the issue and the amount of release and resolution from one session was astounding. I cannot recommend this work highly enough. Everyone could benefit from this.”
Akhilanda Ananda, FC Client
“Was given the CD in the UK over a month ago and listened to it the first time driving through the Arizona desert at night. It was so awesome!!!! Will definitely use these cuts in my events and tell folks about it. Thank you”    
Bob Desert Nichols, ISTA Facilitator SHE Nation Review
“Victoria brings huge energy, enthusiasm and creative talent to any project she is associated with. She is extremely knowledgeable in CSR matters and a proven events organiser. She has a particular talent for "start-up" projects; where others may be daunted and not know where to start Victoria isn't and does!”
Clive Mitchell, Chief Financial Officer, Tradewind Turbines Limited
“Absolutely in love with this album. The sounds, the lyrics, what it stands for. The songs beautifully build upon each other to a crescendo; finishing with some of my favourite songs that Victoria has produced so far. Rise in Love, True2u, Whats on your Altar and Deeply Receive are totally delicious tunes, that I can’t stop listening to.”  
Esther-Maria Lindner, Owner - Aparaba Conscious Conception

Step into our 'Ideas Vortex' and find delight in the fruits of our co-creation, at Seed Idea, we often find ourselves in a role of Creative Midwife.
Seed Idea finds surprising solutions and opportunities where others find challenges. An endless fountain of brilliant ideas uniquely respond to your needs, whilst adding real value to your project.
Known for making things happen, servicing change-makers creatively across the globe with loads of add on services like events & design, so we are great at getting things started and out into the world.
Through this fun and playful process we also hope to connect you with the right people, your tribe to help your business soar, enjoying a network that works.