FATE 2015

Bristol Multi Faith Forum (BMFF) and Seed Idea have put in a Strategic Grant Bid along with 25 other partners for FATE 2015 (Faith And The Environment). Which aims to mobilise people of faith across the city of Bristol, encouraging them to engage with the green agenda and ensuring that their voices are heard on critical environmental issues. To be effective, this process must start by engaging people on the deeper human level of relationship and community. From this, new thought leaders will emerge, their ideas rooted in the belief that human life is an integral part of creation and the natural world.  Sadly the initial bid was not successful we may re-apply early 2015.

FATE 2015 will host engaging events that pose challenging questions for reflection and debate, acknowledging our internal resources that faith and/or spiritual practice provides to contribute to the development of creative solutions. Running from Easter through Ramadan to Diwali, culminating in a major multi-faith forum to celebrate our shared love for the earth and making commitments to further action and creating an eco-multi faith legacy.

The 2011 census shows that over half of the city’s population are people of faith, include ‘Spiritual but not religious’ that altogether accounts for 75% of the Bristol’s Population –  if we impact 10% of that we have made a huge impact!

What we aim to do:

  • Green MOT for faith organisations and individuals, engaging the members of faith communities in the Bristol 2015 themes
  • Roots and Wings an intergenerational community art project at all our core and outreach events
  • Sharing Eden Choir  – Multi-faith Community Choir
  • FATE 2015 Events – Host three major events, (Launch, Big Green Week, FATE Forum) plus  Outreach partner events with Roots and Wings Community arts, Green MOT, Choir
  • Big Green Week offerings includes Big FATE Debate What’s love gotta to do with it? Faith vs the Facts and the Big Green Faith Chair faith leaders daily thoughts or a Philosopher in residence.

Plus create a legacy of a multi faith green action group.


We hope this bid is successful and will know by the end December 2014.